Part 2: The Manipulation Of Geo-Political Movements – Nazism

Part 2: The Manipulation Of Geo-Political Movements – Nazism

The West has always promoted itself as the champion of liberty; however its own foreign policy creates the very enemies it only later has to defeat. My schooling had taught me that history, is nothing more than a series of actions and reactions. It was only when researching and critically-analysing events did I discover that millstones are much more complicated and corrupted as I originally thought.


The Nazi ideology would prove to be useful in creating another nation with closed-market for the West to swindle. Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who explained that the Nazi party of Germany were National-Socialist and those in Russia were International Socialist, in reality, were merely different interpretation of the same creed (Šnore, 2008). At first, I was shocked of the concept, as Nazism and Communism had always been said to be arch-enemies. But when further contemplated, it made more sense as they were so similar in polices. Recently there has been discovered a painting of a young Hitler and Lenin playing chess, which has further supported this theory.


In order for Germany to pay off their reparations, they borrowed from Wall Street which the financiers periodically alternated between ‘banker’ and ‘statesman’ under their ‘Dawn Plan’. The results backfired as Germany’s economy became reliant of foreign markets and other economies which hurt them as the chain-reaction of the Great Depression came into play, as the repayments were in American Dollars. This indirectly increased unemployment to 40% by 1932, which Hitler exploited to the utmost (Sutton, 1975).


Even during Hitler’s rise to power during his election campaigns, there is evidence of Western support. In recently discovered evidence, FOX Films had provided the Nazis the tools of outdoor sound film, which created propaganda films such as The Leader’. Furthermore, Fox also provided the mobile-sound film vans which were used to perpetuate the ‘stab in the back’ myth (Tarpley, 2010). I found this to be particularly damming, as it not only shows Western sympathy, but sponsorship of Nazism within Germany.


It is often forgotten that Hitler was admired by the West, as shown by the fact he graced the cover of Time Magazine on multiple occasions (see attached picture). Key personalities admired him, such as Churchill and Menzies, as overall perception at the time was that Hitler was simply a hardline nationalist who wanted to see his native-country great again, by breaking the too-harsh commitments under the Treaty of Versailles (Waters, 2012).


Many of its ideals had been originated within the United States and United Kingdom. The UK appointed Churchill honorary vice-president The First International Congress of Eugenics in 1912(Gilbert, 2009). Hitler even went so far to state that his bible was a document produced by the American Eugenic League by Madison Grant. Simultaneously American-Eugenicists were advocating a similar system which was set up in Nazi Germany to be implemented in the US (Crutcher, 2009). This has confirmed my suspicions that the West had double-standards when it came to Hitler and racism


However, Hitler strived for true economic independence. He thought to achieve this, by following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, and start printing his own money. This is why the Western Establishment suddenly started to show concerns about his Crimes against Humanity. It was the fear that he was gaining too much autonomy and could eventually rival or even surpass them (Sutton, 1980).


The bombing patterns during the War is of particular interest as the majority of German factories were destroyed but certain others was left standing like German General Electric. Out of the ten functioning, not one was damaged (Sutton, 1975); I thought this curious as such an industry would have been considered a prime target for bombing. Another instance was the Ford Plant which was located in Colon, should have been targeted being the largest oil plant in Germany, was left alone as the rest of the city was totally decimated (Sutton, 1980).


All these facts were suppressed amid the Nuremberg Trails. The closest indication of an American being caught was Director of Union Banking Corporation Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of the future American Presidents. He was charged under the ‘Trading with the Enemy Act’ in 1932.He later became a Senator and even ran from US President during the 1964 Election (Achbar, 2003). I was particularly disgusted that Bush was not only unpunished but ran as president. However, it did explain to me the background of the mindset of his descendants and why they took such hard-lined approaches to their presidencies’.


In conclusion, this research has left me with an entire new outlook on history.  However, it must be realized that the entire world governments are not completely to blame. It is more accurate to say that it was factions within factions, who have been manipulating events – oligarchy. It is only by compartmentalizing groups, can people be unaware of the history’s’ true story.


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