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Civic Duty is an independent online media platform that provides analysis of society and politics, geopolitics, international relations, philosophical debate and current affairs.


Civic Duty’s mission is to address and protect public values to enact a positive change in global community. Civic Duty is committed to objectivity, transparency and seeks to be a true ‘House of Ideas’ and is therefore open to all ideas and opinions from across the spectrum.


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Daniel Sorluca has a Masters of International Relations from The University of Sydney. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and History from the University of New South Wales.


Since completing his studies, Daniel sought to create a digital footprint by uploading his academic work on Academia.edu and contributed to The Duran. He has also volunteered at 107.3 FM 2Ser Radio The Wire. During his time within this role, he have covered topics such as Australia’s Loneliness Epidemic, the 2018 Italian Election results, the rise of the Swedish Democrats, the Chinese Social Credit System, the 2018 US Midterm Elections and the China’s Designer Babies.


Daniel also had his paper entitled ‘Which IR Theories Best Explain the Rise of China in the International System’ translated and published within Volume 17, No. 3 Autumn Issue (2022) of The Dongfang Journal.

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